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Tips for Finding The Right Self Storage Unit

Choosing the right size storage unit is important to make sure that you are getting the best bang for your buck.

Here are a few of our tips for finding the best secure storage unit fit:

Make a list of what you plan to store

It sounds self-explanatory, but many people don’t really know the extent of what they want to store. You may think, “I need to store my seasonal yard equipment because I want to store my car in the garage this winter.” But what does that actually mean? A single lawnmower? Or an extensive collection of specialized tools? Make a comprehensive list and consider how much space that will take up.

Estimate how you will pack the items you need to store

When you have a list of items, consider how you will pack them. You can store more if you are only using boxes. However, if you have more awkwardly shaped items, like furniture or appliances, you’ll have a harder time packing your 5×10 storage unit efficiently and may need to get a larger sized secure storage unit.

Organizing Your Self-Storage Unit

You can fit a lot more into your 5×10 storage unit than you think! It all comes down to organization. Make a plan for packing, especially the way you’ll stack your boxes. Fragile boxes should go on top of heavier items and you can also pack boxes on top of furniture. Plan to place items you’ll need to access closer towards the front of your unit so that you don’t need to leave room for a path to the back of the unit.

Affordable Storage Clarksville

We have been providing residents and business owners in our Clarksville community with affordable self storage for more than a decade! We strive for friendly, trustworthy service in everything we do, and we believe it’s this commitment to quality that has made us the go-to choice in self storage. Plus, we truly are affordable, it’s not just our name. Learn more about our rates, your secure storage unit size option, and book your unit. They go fast, so contact us today and get one month free!